About Us

Data warehouse to visualizations in minutes

B2B.BI has pre-built integrations and data transformations with leading SaaS applications - Salesforce, Intercom, Zendesk, Outreach, Google Calendar, and many others - so you can quickly share charts without any technical resources. Our Transformation Engine (ETL) can connect to any new data source in minutes.

About Us.

B2B.BI was created for decision makers to harness the power of visual insights and to create clarity in team communication.

Bootstrapped and 100% Remote

We’re committed to building an employee-owned company and to working remotely. We don't worry about rush hour. We don't worry about having to pick kids up from school and wondering what our bosses will think. We don't need to hunt to find open conference rooms. We love being a distributed team, and are looking for new teammates who will thrive in this unique environment.


Our Mission

B2B.BI is bringing a unified data warehouse and business intelligence approach to the cloud, with an application as easy to use as Excel but far more powerful. Our mission is to give decision makers the opportunity to easily explore and make decisions with their data without relying on the technical expertise of a developer or data analyst.


Our Vision

Our vision is to replace Excel as the de facto application for business people to open when needing to manipulate a set of data. B2B.BI creates a new possibility for non-technical users to easily join data sets, query for trends, and build dashboards in minutes.



Our Team.

Making business intelligence easier for everyone. We're passionate about using technology and data to help teams make smarter decisions about what to do next.

team people

Jon Dwyer

Customer Success

Jon started B2B.BI in 2017 after spending 4 years working with early stage startups. While helping small teams use business intelligence to make smarter decisions for where to focus their efforts, Jon realized that the existing tools in the market were unapproachable to non-technical users and decided to create that offering.

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Jonathan Schroeder

Software Development

Jonathan is a recent UW-Madison graduate with an MA in Computer Science & Mathematics. He enjoys developing and implementing algorithms to solve complex problems but also has an incredible gift for taking on new business requirements and turning them into sustainable products.

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James Lindsay

Marketing & Data Analytics

James brings a wealth of skills in product management, customer experience, growth, and marketing. Prior to B2B.BI, James navigated a cross-country journey of 15+ years from Chicago to San Francisco to Los Angeles to New York with notable organizations large and small: United Airlines, Disney Interactive, ScoreBig, and Fabletics.

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Matt Shields

Revenue & Data Analytics

Matt has extensive experience in startup environments with an emphasis on selling SaaS solutions to business owners and executive decision makers. Prior to B2B.BI, Matt built an impressive career with Spot Runner, Cornerstone OnDemand, Bullhorn, SmartRecruiters, and TMP Worldwide.

Interested In Joining The Team?

We're always interested in talking to awesome people to see if there's a way for us to work together. If you've got skills in programming, growth marketing, sales, or data analytics, drop us a note on the careers page.